Something Odd, Something New

My Saturday has been interesting. First of all, it’s March, and we went to garage sales! There were only two, but they ended up being worth it. We found a filing cabinet that will fit perfectly in the craft room! We also found birthday gifts and Christmas gifts for people! I love garage sales. When we got home, I didn’t know what to do with myself. After putting our garage sale finds away, I started thinking, “What now?” I didn’t want to do chores, it being such a nice and warm and non-rainy day, but Chris also wanted to take a short nap, so I didn’t want to do anything that made a lot of noise. So I did some things I have been putting off for a little while.

First, I started crocheting a baby blanket for my sister’s baby (coming later this year). Don’t worry, I had her pick out which blanket she wanted, so she already knows about it. Normally, as soon as I find out a baby is going to be born, I start making something right away! But this blanket was a daunting task to me. It is intermediate level crocheting, and I have been stuck on beginner mode ever since my amazing grandma taught me how to crochet when I was 10 or 12. I was afraid that if I tried learning something new, I would fail miserably. But today I learned that is pretty epic. There are TONS of videos on there that will show you how to do just about anything. In this day and age, what excuse do we have NOT to learn something new? True, I was intimidated by the skill level, but well, take a look:


Yes, it’s supposed to look like that!!! I would like to take this time to make a big shout out  to Johnny Vasquez at “New Stitch a Day” on Youtube for showing me was a Front post double crochet and a back post double crochet is! Super easy to learn by watching this guy! Thanks!!! With my grandma being gone, it’s hard to find someone to teach me new things like this!

I will leave a link  at the bottom of this post to his Youtube channel for you all to check out.

By the time I started to crochet, Chris woke up and came to the craft room to play computer games with one of his friends. I worked on the project until it started to look like something. Then I decided that since it was such a nice day, I should do something outside!

So I did! And brought Chris to help me!

Last year, I wanted to plant a garden and be outside all the time. But, being plagues with migraines…well, it didn’t happen. Since the Lord has healed me, I have been constantly doing something! This year, that garden is going to happen. Last year, Chris and I sat down and brain stormed what we wanted. I told him that I would like to cook with herbs that we grow instead of buying them at the store, along with other veggies. I want to do what we can to save money. So to Lowes we went! I don’t know if I came up with this idea myself, or if I saw it on Pinterest, but I thought that I would like to have something like window baskets for plants hanging off the porch. That way, anytime I wanted to cook with herbs, I could just walk out the front door and grab some off of the porch. Well, we look at the window baskets….it was close to $30 for one! I say nay!!! We’re trying to save money here, not lose it!

But then I thought….”Hmmm, what looks like these window baskets that will work on our porch?”


Yep, plastic gutters. I know it sounds odd to put gutters anywhere but on the roof of your home, but you can get about 8 ft of gutter for a low cost at the Lowes store. And end caps are $2-$3 a piece.

So today, we put gutters on our porch, and I think they will do the trick! And they kind of look nice too! What do you think?!


So my lost-and-wondering-what-to-do-Saturday turned into a good-finds-learning-new-things-creative-constructive-productive-Saturday! Not to bad if I do say so myself!

What was your Saturday like?


Here’s the link to “New Stitch a Day”. Enjoy!


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