Forward Ever, Backward Never!


Here is it the first day of the new year, and do you know what I’ve done so far?!

Goal writing, baking, smooching, organizing, cleaning, writing, and in a little while, I am going to go play games with some friends and family! It’s been a busy new year already! HAHA!

This morning, Chris and I slept in. I am  SO thankful we didn’t have to work today! Today is a day for celebrating! It’s a day for reflecting! And it’s a day for making new goals and aspirations for this new year!

After a much needed shower, Chris and I sat down to look back at our goals we wrote down last year. We went through them and saw that we had only accomplished three. Instead of getting down about it, we celebrated! Three goals accomplished is progress! Although, the progress is small, it is STILL progress! What did we accomplish exactly? I am so glad you asked!

  1. We made it and entire year without drinking soda! WOO!
  2. We paid off more of our loan. It’s not completely paid off, but it’s getting closer and closer to not existing!
  3. We got our employee trained and out on his own!

Yes, it does feel awesome. 😀 2015 was a year of ups and downs. I was plagued with migraines all year, which stopped me from doing some of the things I love and helping the ones I love! But there were many awesome things about 2015 as well! Chris and I celebrated our first year anniversary! We traveled and had some adventures! Vacationed with the family! And achieved some of our goals! All in all, epic might just be the word I’m looking for!

So we got out a new poster board to write down our new goals for this upcoming year. There are a lot more goals on this year’s list. But I feel like they are even more reachable than last year’s (even though some of  them are slightly the same) ! So here they are! (In no particular order):

  1. Become migraine free!
  2. Clean and organize the garage and maintain it!
  3. Weight loss!
  4. Have a garden and grow herbs
  5. Keep the porch cleaned off.
  6. Incorporation and application of Dr. Tent’s suggestions about our health
  7. Michelle to finish and apply accounting course
  8. Blog once a week! (Guys, if you are not seeing this blog once a week, tell me to write something! You can be my accountabilibuddies!)
  9. Clean and organize craft room and make it functional. (I’m a little tired of taking all my crafting supplies to the kitchen table.)
  10. Get the dog fence where it needs to be and put in a doggie door. (It’s been a long time coming!)
  11. Learn guitar together
  12. Read our Bibles every day!
  13. Build the shelves for the living room.
  14. Do more service projects and ministry
  15. Clean out and organize pantry!


And that’s it! Yeah, it’s a lot, but these are doable! And we REALLY want them to happen! SO at the end of the year I should be a happy, organized, skinnier, healthier, headache free, accounting knowledgeable, garden growing, herb growing, clean, crafting, blogging, guitar playing, Bible reading and applicating, constructing, ministering, awesome wife with an awesome husband doing some of the same things!

I’m exited! How about you?!

What are your new year’s goals?!!?!?


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