Making Time

Time. It seems like a small word, but in these four little letters, it carries vast possibilities, and sometimes impossibilities. Time can sometimes feel controlled or controlling. Sometimes, you have all the time in the world. But other times–and most of the time for me, it seems–there isn’t enough of it!

When I was going to college for my teaching degree, the one thing that I always got points taken off  for on the days when I was observed in the classroom was TIME MANAGEMENT. I don’t know what it is  about me. When planning, I often plan too much to do in such little time, and when I try to do it all, well, then almost nothing gets done and I am back at square one (sometimes with a not-so-good attitude).

After getting married, I was the same. As soon as we got back from our honeymoon (8 months ago), we dove right in to working. I started learning a new job entirely, working as my husband’s secretary for his business. Chris went straight back to working and going to people’s homes, fixing their appliances. So it was always, work, work, work, You have to work all the time, or you are going to sink…fast. (Whatever happened to trusting in the Lord, eh?) Don’t get me wrong here, I believe in working hard and working with everything you’ve got. I believe in Colossians 3:23 when it says “Whatever you do, do it as working unto the Lord and not unto men.” But when it comes to the point that you are working all of the time when you are not physically able to do anything else in a day because the day is over, yet you haven’t spent time with your wife/family/friends/kid/loved one,  it’s a little cray cray…and I don’t like it and in makes me angry…because those relationships are important. If you don’t make time for them, you won’t have them….or you will have them, but they won’t be in very good shape!

Anyway, because of this “always work” mentality that Chris’s family has, and I also merged into, we never felt like we had time for anything. And TIME started to burden us, and weigh us down. We would go to work at 8 in the morning. I would try to get home (which is right across the street) a little after 4 so I could clean the house up and get dinner going. Unfortunately, dinner would have to wait until I knew Chris was coming home. His coming home is so unpredictable because at times, appliances just decide to be more difficult than you could imagine. Most of the time, Chris wouldn’t get home until 8 or 9. By then we were both so exhausted from working so much that it would be time to eat dinner, watch a little tv and go to bed. Chris even worked on some Saturdays (the days he is supposed to be off). It was such a struggle, and sometimes, it still is.

However, through these 8 months, I have learned so much about time. I have learned that it is a precious commodity, and once you get it, you don’t want to waste it. When we were engaged, Chris and I decided one thing we would really like to do in marriage is go on exciting adventures. And although life itself is an adventure, we meant little adventures here and there to spend time together and have some fun. We aspired to do so much. We never realized that we wouldn’t have time to do it. And that’s when it hit me…(in the last month or two)….

You are not going to have time to do those awesome things that you want to do, unless you make time to do them.

In December, Chris and I were getting bogged down again with all of  this work, work, work, time is of the essence stuff. So while in the office one day, I decided it was time to plan an adventure. Where would we go? What would we do? I hadn’t the slightest idea. So I got on google maps and looked for what was a good place that we could drive to on the weekend, have some fun, and drive back? And there it was…CLEVELAND. Haha. I know it sounds silly, but really it’s not too far of a drive, but a place with plenty of things to do. And I found out STOMP was playing at Playhouse Square! (If you don’t know what that is, youtube it. Seriously, tons of fun to watch and listen to!) So I booked some tickets, a hotel room close enough so we could walk to it and not pay for parking, and planned out some places to eat.I am grateful to say that I didn’t plan too much with the time we had this time…see, I am learning! I made this a surprise. Chris had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. I told him that I knew that when we got married, we wanted to go on some adventures, and that since then, we hadn’t much time for it. I told him that I made time for us. (THAT IS SO IMPORTANT! MAKE TIME FOR THINGS IN YOUR MARRIAGE! YOU WILL BE BLESSED FOR IT!) We had a blast!! Not only did we see an amazing show, we also ate at some great places! We had the most expensive meal we had ever eaten in our entire lives, with the bill adding up to about $130. But you got what you paid for. THE BEST STEAK WE HAVE EVER EATEN! And that’s saying something, because until then, Chris had never had a better steak than the one’s I make him. I was honored to be one-upped by this place though! We also had some awesome gumbo and J. Gumbo’s. Amazing…and not so expensive. Haha!

We made the adventure last even longer as we traveled in Cleveland to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, which was awesome! We loved every moment with the fishies, and even got to walk under some sharks!!! On our way home, we traveled to the largest candy store in the United States! It was a huge candy warehouse! I thought I might be in Heaven, but then I saw the suckers with the bugs and scorpions in them and I knew I wasn’t. Haha! But what an amazing adventure it was! We spent a lot of time together just laughing and having a great time–being relaxed and not stressed about work, work, work. It was an adventure well worth making time to take it. I know that big trips like that won’t happen for us all of the time. (We’d be broke as a joke if they did!) However, I do know this: making time to do something special (even if it’s just going to a movie or out to eat or on a walk or hike) is well worth the time you sacrifice to work yourself to death. (I think I worded that right….if not, I meant that taking time out of working yourself to death is a sacrifice worth making in order to spend time with your spouse/friend/loved one and have an adventure!)

So I urge you…MAKE TIME. Whether it’s going on an adventure, or making time to study the Bible more, or making time to work out, or making time to play a card game or board game with family…..MAKE TIME. I promise you, it is important!



Goals…man, there are so many….so many, that in fact, I often forget what some of them are!!! I am sure I am not the only one!!!

Today started the New Year, 2015! Hip, hip, Hooray!!!! Chris and I have been wanting to work towards a lot of goals for a long time. Often, we get so busy that we “just don’t have time” or just forget all together that there was even a goal to start with. OR if it’s ME, then I sometimes “forget” or “don’t have time” and then, I beat myself up. “Why can’t you just get it all together, Michelle?” Well you know what? That’s just silly! No one, and I mean NO ONE has everything all together!!!!

So yesterday, Chris and I sat down and decided, we’re going to get serious about these goals and quit having such a lackadaisical attitude about them. (It got to the point where we almost just gave up having goals because we could never accomplish them.) We listed what we wanted to accomplish this coming year. We made them believable, achievable goals. Not easily done, but realistic. These goals were put in place by us to better our relationship with God, and with each other, and to also better ourselves! We also put these goals one a “poster” and taped it to our fridge so we can look at them every day and see if we are making progress!! I am big on making lists. I am so forgetful, and making lists for anything (shopping, chores, packing, goals) is super helpful! So far, day one, we are doing good! haha!

Here are our goals! 

Chris–Get to 200 pounds; Michelle-get to 145 pounds. 

In order to achieve weight loss: 

–Couch to 5k–30 mins a day, 3 days a week, for 9 weeks 

–Do 42 (a sort of dieting, body cleansing thing we plan on starting later this year)

–At least 10 sit ups a night

–At least 25 jumping jacks a night

(You’ve got to start somewhere!)

Read the Bible everyday! (At least a chapter!)

Train and employee to where he can be out repairing appliances on his own. 

Get up at 6:30 AM every morning (except on days off!) 

No soda for a year!

Get the house in our name!

Pay off our debt! (Student loans stink!)

Make plans to build our new-ish house!

The Joy of the Lord is our strength!!! 

So those are our goals for this year. When you really step back and look at it, the list really isn’t that long and is doable if we we work hard and persevere! With God, all things are possible!!! Oh, and some encouragement from everyone else couldn’t hurt either!!! haha! I will be giving updates along the way!!!!

Happy New Year, Everyone!!! May God bless you!!!!!

Catching up on Christmas!

Being a newly married couple, just about everything can be a new experience, and there are so many firsts!  Like celebrating the Holidays!

In November, we took a trip to Missouri to visit my family there for Thanksgiving! We had such a blast! Not only did we get to visit with my brothers and sisters which I haven’t gotten to see in what seems like forever, but we also were able to participate in a beautiful event: the Baptism of my niece, and God child, Olivia! It was so precious! And boy, does that baby put a smile in my heart!!!

December went fast, but slow at the same time. There was a lot of anticipation as we were getting gifties together…I have such trouble keeping gifts when I get them for people! I get so excited about giving someone something, I will want to do it right away! I am getting better at being patient though! Marriage has been teaching me to be more patient for sure! haha!

We celebrated our own Christmas as married couple 2 days before Christmas. It was a wonderful first Christmas! We had a good Christmas dinner, a fun time opening gifties, a great time of Thankfulness, and we settled down and watched a Christmas movie! Then, then day before Christmas, we walked across the street and celebrated with Chris’s family! John and Katie got everyone nerf guns, so we all had a nerf war! Even Mom and Dad!!!! I also got to meet my sister in law, Rae. Great things were happening all over the place! In the evening, we jumped in the car with our festive home made Christmas sweaters and traveled 6 hours to my mom’s house, where we almost immediately went to sleep. At my mom’s house, we celebrated Christmas as soon as everyone got there. We ate and opened presents and my mom had me make those awesome sausage and cream cheese crescent rolls! YUM!!!! It was so nice being able to see almost all of my family these past two months. Such a blessing!!!!

Onward to New Year’s eve, which was celebrated at church!!! Everyone who wanted to, got up to speak and encourage the rest of the church about 2014 and moving into 2015. It was a beautiful service, and we were so encouraged! Afterwards, we ate some yummy food and headed home to settle in! Of course, Chris and I brought in the New Year with a smooch! What great times we’ve had and even more great times to come!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!