The Girl’s Night Out

Oh yes!

Every once in a while there comes a time–a time when you need:


These nights include things like shopping, eating, enjoying talks, movies, but above all FRIENDSHIP that can only include, you guessed it: the girls.

Tonight was an awesome girls night out! My extremely fun and creative sister in law, Katie, set it all up and planned it all out and boy, did we ever have a blast! The assembled team of girls this time: Jeanne (Mother in law), Teri (Katie’s Mom), Anna (a friend of Katie’s, Lindsey (a family friend) and Lindsey’s two beautiful baby girls, Jasmine(1 yr old) and Charlotte (2 months). Oh and me too!

We were off to Vienna, WV where our girl’s night would take place! Katie, Jeanne, Teri, and Anna all rode with Teri while Lindsey and the babies and I took a separate car. Lots of insightful and fun talk came about on the car rides. Teri’s car went on to a Christian book store (they were ahead of Lindsey and I). Lindsey and I got a little confused as to which exact road to take, but thanks to Lindsey’s instincts and GPS, we made it to the Olive Garden where we got a table for everyone and waited for the rest of the party to join us! I had a blast playing with Jasmine!!! I think we are going to be great friends!

When the girls arrived, we all ordered food and had lots of laughs as we shared stories and updated each other about what’s going on in our lives. Oh yeah! Girl talk! I did a lot of listening, as Jasmine and I were having our own conversations and laughs! (She is so precious!)

Then it was on to the movies! We were twenty minutes late…well twenty minutes into the movie at least. And because of that, they let us in for free!!! How crazy cool is that?!!?! We saw Identical. Which, when I first saw the preview…I was not sure of what to think, but I really did enjoy the movie! It was about a man who’s identical twin brother whom he was separated from at birth is a famous singer. The man, Ryan Wade, has always felt his calling was to play, sing, and write music. His father, though, believes that his calling is to the ministry. It was quite an interesting movie. But I won’t spoil it anymore than that! Go see it for yourself!

After the movie it  was time for the trip home. Which felt like 5 minutes because we were all blabbing away about things again and it just didn’t seem that long. That’s what girls do I suppose!

It was a wonderful night. The mission of having a successful and fun girls night was accomplished. Now we can all go to sleep happy!



The “Just Because”

Have you ever found yourself catching a case of the “just because”? I know. When I put it in a sentence like that, it makes it sound like a disease. But I am here to tell you that the “just because” is awesome, and I think essential in order to live life…and live it well.

What on earth am I talking about? Here’s an example:

Two weekends ago, I took a trip to visit my family in Missouri. It was an amazing visit and I absolutely loved seeing my dad and my sisters and brother again! Why did I take the trip? It was because of the “just because”.

I did it just because I love them

just because I was able to

just because it was the right thing to do

just because wanted to

just because they are amazing people that I want to invest my time in because they are some of the people that makes life worth living

just because they mean so much to me.

Yep, it was a just because trip! And it was awesome!

I got to meet our wonderful God child, Olivia who is only 2 months old! Spend time with my amazing sister Dawn and her awesome husband, Tom and their very intelligent boy at the age of 2, Charles. My husband and I got to hang out with my dad, cook out, watch some movies with him and stroll through the orchard with him. We ate some ice cream! We were able to sorta celebrate my youngest sisters birthday a little late, and had the opportunity to hang out with my brother Bear’s kiddos. Did we do anything exceptional? No…but we didn’t need to. We were there with family, just because.

Have you ever done anything just because? Helped and elderly woman with groceries just because? Watched the entire Lord of the Rings series in one day with friends just because? Volunteered at a homeless shelter just because? Read a book for an entire day just because?

The just because opportunities are everywhere. Take advantage of them when you can, because there will be some days when you can’t. I always find that after doing something just because, my heart feels more full. Just something to think about! 🙂

Well, anyway, there are my thoughts. Why do I write them and share them?

Just because….